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Whether you need a small repair or a completely rebuilt Kubota engine for your industrial, commercial or ag equipment, the team at Country Sales & Service has the parts you need for a solution that fits your needs. We stock a full line of genuine parts and engine part replacements for all types of Kubota engine applications.

So what sets us apart from the rest? We work with older engines that are no longer available new from Kubota. Even if you need a rare part for a discontinued engine, chances are we'll be able to find a solution for you. Simply put, no Kubota engine is too old for us to work on!

We also carry a complete line of kits, including:

  • Overhaul kits
  • Cylinder heads (with or without valve installed)
  • Sub-kits (bearing kits, valve kits, gasket kits and more)

Great Service, Fast Turn Around, Knowledgeable Support

At Country Sales & Service, we have the experience you need when it comes to Kubota engine parts for your repair or rebuilt engine needs. Since 1996, we have served customers throughout the United States and North America with the best new and rebuilt engine services in the region. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today.

Help Ordering Parts

If you are not sure what part you need, call us with the following information to ensure we locate the right part and deliver it quickly: